Oct 14, 2018

Basico – Premium OpenCart Theme

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Latest News: OpenCart 1.5.6

August 16: Basico is working on OpenCart 1.5.6.

Latest update: OpenCart Upgrade

February 10: Basico has been updated to OpenCart

Important Message: OpenCart Upgrade

Basico was our first experience with OpenCart: atught it has sold many copies, as developers we always thought it could have been coded in a better way. Several months after its first release and thanks to the skills acquired with linear. Aldema Studio is proud to announce it Basico is finally available for OpenCart and that the entire template has been designed, the code has been improved (we removed hard code) and many errors have been corrected. As in Basico, we restricted changes to kernel files and worked primarily on tpl files.

The new Basico is not compatible with the old version of the theme, and it is not possible to upgrade them to Basico 2.0. You need a new OpenCart installation. SUPPORT TO OLD BASICO VERSION IS NOT LONGER AVAILABLE.

Basico Premium OpenCart Theme is a stylish one premium OpenCart theme ideal for your online web shop. Basico theme allows you to make one unique e-commerce website (In combination with the powerful ability to change text colors and background images).

If you are satisfied with our theme / support, please rate us! :)

Theme Features

  • Stylish and modern design.
  • Easy installation and SQL file included for instant installation.
  • Only 3 controller files edited: no more kernel modifications.
  • Unlimited color combinationsText colors can be managed by custom settings in admin.
  • Custom background textures and images, you can upload your own and set the background recipe feature. Transparent background included for sites without background images.
  • Avanced Theme Settings to customize things like feed information content, twitter box, facebook box and paypal images without having to manually edit the code.
  • Pure and readable typography.
  • Dynamic sidebar position (left / right) can be changed from the admin panel
  • Additional space for custom content: Content-top, content-bottom and sidebar-right are not what you're used to. In Basico they are made for custom modules and text
  • Custom modules: High level of customization thanks to custom modules like text widget and featured products with grid view on the website.
  • 5 slideshows, 2 with Nivo Slider, 2 HTML / Javascript Sliders and 1 OpenCart Standard Slideshow. You can view selected products, but if you do not want to update your selected products frequently, just select the latest product images.
  • Custom Footer with Information, Twitter and Facebook Boxes. Light footer version in account and associated pages.
  • Grid / list products see.
  • Cufon can be turned off for customers who have problems with their language alphabet.
  • Extensive documentation with modules and custom settings description and step by step how to – You can read it even before you bought the theme.
  • Excellent support from Aldema.

Theme improvements from old versions

  • Mash fast
  • Hardcode removed from all pages
  • Brand new control panel: now it's a module
  • Dynamic sidebar (left / right)
  • Removed full
  • Information top menu z index fixed
  • Removed edited controllers and kernel modification limited to header.php, footer.php and column_left.php
  • Search product on enter firm
  • Related Products redisign
  • Unlimited product thumbs added
  • Headlines improvements
  • Checkout process improvements
  • Minor errors and message errors corrected
  • Timthumb support


  • Mar 25/2013– v2.13: facebook box fix
  • Feb 10/2013– v2.12: Support for OC added
  • Jan 15/2013– v2.11: Missing files corrected
  • Dec 10/2012– v2.10: Search Page Button Fix
  • Nov 19/2012– v2.9: Contact page fix
  • 10th of November 2012– v2.8: Admin fix
  • 4 nov– v2.7: Fix in product.tpl and footer.tpl
  • 30th of October 2012– v2.6: Closing div fix in return_form.tpl
  • October 29, 2012– v2.5: Closing div fix in return_info.tpl
  • Oct 20/2012– v2.4: Twitter api fix after update
  • 18 oct– v2.3: cart icon fix
  • October 15, 2012– v2.2: header's logo fix
  • 7 Oct 2012– v2.1: jscolor fix
  • Oct 5/2012– Basico 2.0 released, removed support for older versions


Support will be provided by our profile's feedback form. All emails will be answered in no longer than 24/48 hours. If you need further information, do not hesitate to contact me!

  • Queries sent on weekends or on our holiday will be answered on weekdays
  • We only provide support to fix errors and answer questions about the features of the goods
  • We do not provide support for further customized changes to the goods
  • Do not forget to provide your website link

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