Aug 12, 2018
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Ajax Cart – Super fast CMS. No page reloading at all. A lot of features. Adaptive/mobile skin.

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Please just click on a link to understand what Ajax is – no page reloads and it makes the site as fast as it can be

Almost all values ​​on demo can be configured as freight and taxes. Demo is restored once a day.

Administration Area:
[email protected] / 01230

Do not hesitate to contact me

From fully ajaxfied sites, Google Plus is best known. Your site may also be completely ajaxfied. So, the Ajax page is when the browser does not reload.

CMS ready – News (with newsletters), blogs, static pages, testimonials, banners, website, catalog, etc. Easy to translate with language tags through admin area with only export / import of CSV.

Easy for any developer to create a custom built web site. Also I also offer custom work.

Many features. All in one – no extra paid modules.

To see mobile skin visit it from mobile.

REST API to update / add products with all related options. Import / export is there too. Based on your needs, I may consider adding additional features to the API.

Warehouses (Multi Location Inventory) are optional, disabled on demo. With that module you have a quantity of products per. Storage and free local pickup calculator.

Do not hesitate to contact me

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What features are available here in the customer area

  1. Website details with banners and testimonials. Website featured products, bestsellers, most viewed products, new arrivals. Category also has products if they are defined.
  2. Products with quicklook, variants, options, wholesale prices, more images (Zoom preview effect), variants. Options and variants change price and weight. Social equity links. Product Details Page Tabs: Description; Related products; Recommended products (randomly) send to friend.
  3. Categories, Tags, Blogs with Moderated Comments, Static Pages, Contact Us, Search Products, News, Newsletter Subscriptions.
  4. reCaptcha is used to avoid guests for spam.
  5. Account information with order history.
  6. Login, sign up, ajaxfied cart, ajaxfied checkout, ajaxfied profile, ajaxfied wish list.
  7. Realtime cart and checkout calculations.
  8. Products pagination, sorting options.
  9. E-mail notifications for ordering, order status, new testimonial, new blog comment, contact us form, user registration.
  10. Support Desk – Tickets can be submitted as Contact us form and as Ask a question about product
  11. Products filter on brands, categories, and search pages. Products filter allows for narrowing products by Brand, Price, Products Options.
  12. Buy with a single click – let the customer send his phone to your email so you can guide the customer how to buy the item
  13. Products Reviews – Full Ajaxfied Products Reviews
  14. Removed Cart Reminder – Sends two emails, after one hour and after 24 hours.
  15. Gift card
  16. PDF invoice

What features are available here in the Admin area

First, meta tags on all sides are customized. Next, all pages have their own configurable clean URLs. Another is that each function has many other options. And the last is the WYSIWYG editor to customize all descriptions.

  1. Dashboard shows main statistics for your sales, bestsellers and most viewed products
  2. Orders – keywords, view order details, change order status, print invoice.
  3. Discount vouchers – most necessary options are implemented.
  4. Users with dynamic drop-downs in country / state. Create new user – enter the customer or administrator.
  5. Membership levels if you do not use just have no membership levels defined.
  6. Products: All necessary details, images drag and drop, options, variants (you control which variants exist or not), variations, wholesale prices, related products.
  7. Categories: unlimited subcategories levels, each category has its own selected products, easily selected product selection, all necessary category details, move category to another category / subcategory, category icon, category banners.
  8. Brands: All necessary details with brand image (logo for example)
  9. Import / Export all catalog items
  10. Content: Blogs, Testimonials, Static Pages, Website (Same as Category Pages)
  11. Shipping methods: Offline shipping methods are only supported now. Realtime shipping methods module exists and requires customized work. Shipping method can be as National (your country) and International (customer from another country)
  12. Shipping Fees – You are free to set shipping fees for any destination zone and values ​​per. Many different params.
  13. Payment methods: Stripes to credit cards and Paypal. Also offline payment methods. BrainTree module on request.
  14. Taxes – You are free to define taxes for any destination zone, membership level, set where tax will be applied. You can disable charges if you do not use them. Also enter tax form, for example "VAT".
  15. Destination zones – Set zones by country, state, city, zip code. City and postal code support masks – including & # 39;% & # 39; In strict terms, this means that the customer's city / zip code must contain only that value.
  16. Manage countries and states
  17. General Settings, Company Information, Blog Settings
  18. Easy to translate on export / import language variables.
  19. Support Desk
  20. Gift card
  21. PDF invoice

Why is that so good?

  1. First is the speed. It's faster than Amazon.
  2. Next thing, the Ajax pages are loaded without reloading. Only content is loaded and no page is updated.
  3. Another good thing that all pages are clean URL even in the admin area.
  4. Fully and easily adapted. It's plain and pure PHP. No third party classes or frames – just PHP.
  5. Own template engine, similar to Smarty and well documented. This makes it very fast generated and also cached. Also easy to code with it saves time from typing PHP tags each time.
  6. The images have been changed with ImageMagick (Photoshop 100% quality, GD option is also available) and cached. All images automatic generation script included. Say product information has large images, product list has small images – not only products, but also all other image types.

It's easy to translate – you only export language variables, change them and import.

CMS ready – Use static pages only if you do not need e-commerce. Also blogs and testimonials.

Which customers most need are in popups

  1. Product quicklook.
  2. View Cart.
  3. Checkout.
  4. Sign in.
  5. Registration.
  6. My account with tabs.
  7. Wishing list.

Main eCommerce Parts: Categories, Products, Brands, Banners Adding to Each Category and Website.

Stripe, Paypal, offline payments. Shipping Methods. Taxes, Discount Coupons, Destination Zones.

More details here

Two useful articles for your developers to understand the code.

Script (files) structure described here

Templates engine supports PHP standard tags and also has unique template tags described here

Support mysqli.

For version upgrade, please contact me directly if you need changes. Send me your version number in detail.


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Jaeho Park completed a Master in Fine Arts at the Hongik University in 1999, followed by a Master in Photographic Studies at the University of Westminster in 2012. After working for many years as a university professor, designer and curator in South Korea.

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