Jul 30, 2018

Age Checker for WordPress

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Age Checker is an age verification plugin for WordPress. This plugin asks users to confirm their age on page load. When a user confirms that they are above the minimum age, the page content becomes available. Age restriction is useful for a number of industries such as alcohol, gaming machines or adult sites.

key Features

  • 3 Background modes – Color, Image or Video
  • 3 Verification Forms – Birthday, Checkbox, or Enter
  • Limit individual pages and posts, or use age restriction on the site
  • Include an optional Exit button that redirects users to your desired URL
  • Create a Yes / No Form
  • Change the opacity of the background image or video overlay
  • Change the date entry order based on your region (DD MM YYYY or MM DD YYYY)
  • Change the form and validation text of what you want
  • Edit the cookie's lifetime
  • Instant preview when you have made changes to the admin editor
  • Fully responsive and optimized for all devices
  • SEO friendly – Common search engine crawlers can be omitted from age verification


If you experience problems with the plugin, please send an email to [email protected]. Alternatively, you can use the comments section.

Change Log

V 1.1.4 - 7 July 2018
- Auto-automatic play of Chrome video
V 1.1.3 - 21 May 2018
- Performance improvements
V 1.1.2 - May 1, 2018
- Bug fix
V 1.1.1 - 30th April 2018
- Bug fix
V 1.1.0 - 28th of April 2018
- Added age limit for individual pages and posts
- Performance improvements
V 1.0.5 - March 16, 2018
- Updated CSS
V 1.0.4 - 30 January 2018
- Added new filters to change the birthday dropdown label
V 1.0.3 - January 22, 2018
- Fast iOS and Android video auto-play
V 1.0.2 - 30th October 2017
- Updated CSS
- Fixed potential WordPress jQuery conflicts
V 1.0.1 - 20th October 2017
- Added & # 39; Enter & # 39; Confirmatory
- Added & # 39; Exit & # 39; button to redirect users to a specified URL
- Fixed compatibility with WP Super Cache plugin
V 1.0.0 - September 26, 2017
- First release


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