May 27, 2019

Advanced Floating Sliding Panel

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Advanced floating panel is the best plugin to create slider within a minute with unlimited controllable tabs.

What you can create with advance-floating sliding panel

Advanced Floating Sliding Panel is a WordPress plugin that offers a wide variety of features with beautiful design and great functionality.

  • Vertical sliding panel with tabs
  • Horizontal Slider With Tabs
  • Multiple Tabs Support
  • Unlimited sliding panel

Vertical sliding panel with tabs

Create Vertical Slide with single or multiple tabs to alert visitors / users to your special content, such as forms, announcements, or notification panels.

Horizontal Slider With Tabs

Create single or multiple tab horizontal slider to alert visitors / users to your special content, such as forms, announcements, or notifications.

Multiple Tabs Support

Create and Design Unlimited Tabs for Sliding Panel according to your needs and requirments with its easy to use pre-built theme builder by seleting options for tabs.

Unlimited sliding panel

Create and design unlimited sliding panels without limitation. You can create multiple sliding panel instances with any combination of features.

What you can use in the previous floating slide panel

  • Simple text OR decorated HTML styled text
  • Third Party Widget & Ads
  • Include video & # 39; s, Iframes
  • Custom content in slider
  • Short codes in sliding panel

Short codes in sliding panel

Show anything as a floating slider using short codes such as contact forms, pictures, slides or any shortcode you have. It will display it in the content with various options.

Custom content in slider

Create and display your personal content by creating a rich text editor to support and display everything you need for your content as a floating slider.

Insert video & # 39; s into the slider

Within your vido of all the popular video sites like youtube, vimeo, dailymotion or your own custom created video and display as swing sliding panel with all the pro features.

Third Party Widget & Ads

Display any type of third-party widget or ads as a floating slide panel such as Google Adsense, Buyandsell ads, any WordPress widget or any other third-party scripts.

Awesome features

  • Positions Support
  • Theme Builder
  • Short codes Visibility
  • Content Support
  • Detail documentation
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to adjust
  • Amazing Support

Positions Support

All 4-sided positions are supported, eg. Left, Right, Top, Bottom with other features such as 100% or gauge for horizontal sliding panels and 100% or personal height for vertical sliding panels.

Theme Builder

Theme Builder included with enhanced features. You can create unlimited themes and layouts in a minute using its defualtema builder that supports both tabs and panels.

Short codes Visibility

Advanced floating slider is merged with accepting all short codes. Contact forms, image gallery regardless of the shortcode, will display it in the content.

Content Support

It supports all kinds of content, you can use simple text or decorated html-styled content, third-party ads or wedge tags. And also any content with a short code of any plug-in or custom-made.

Detail documentation

Advanced floating content WordPress plugin has detailed documentation to understand all its features and functions.

Easy to use

This WordPress plugin is a handy tool built into user-friendly backend interface with easy wording so you can use it without any encryption knowledge.

Easy to adjust

Advanced Floating Sliding Panel Plugin is made with clean and optimized easy code to understand developers for easy customization.

Amazing Support

We are waiting for the clock to support you when you need us, with our greatest loyalty. You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days around the year.

Advanced features

  • Home Visibility
  • Search pages visibility
  • Archive Pages Visibility
  • Pages visibility
  • Post Visibility
  • Taxonomy and provisions visibility
  • Customized item visibility
  • bbPersigbaarheid
  • WooCommerce Products Pages Visibility
  • WooCommerce Category Pages Visibility
  • Devices Visibility
  • Show only registered users

Home Visibility

Home Visibility for your slider panels to enable or disable the view on the homepage with one click.

Search pages visibility

Search Pages Visibility for your sliding panels to enable or disable the search on the search page with one click.

Archive Pages Visibility

Archive Pages Visibility for your slides to enable or disable the view on archive page with one click.

Pages visibility

Easily move slider or hide it on specific pages or on all pages with options, no coding required.

Post Visibility

Easily view or move slider on a specific post or on all placement with options, no required encryption.

Taxonomy and provisions visibility

Easily move or slide the sliding panel to specific taxonomy or taxonomy. Select options, no coding required.

Customized item visibility

Easily move slider or hide it on specific post types or on all post types with options, no coding required.

WooCommerce Products Pages Visibility

Easily display or hide slider on specific WooCommerce Products Pages or on any WooCommerce Products Pages with option selection, no coding required.

WooCommerce Category Pages Visibility

Easily move or move panel on specific WooCommerce Category Pages or on all WooCommerce Category Pages with options selection, no coding required.


Easily move slider or hide it on specific bbPress Pages or on all bbPress Pages with options, no coding required.

Devices Visibility

By using advanced swivel panel, you can display or hide slider on mobile, tablet and / or desktop. You can now display different disc panels for each device!

Show only registered users

Users Signed Visibility to your slider panels to enable or disable only the view for logged in users in one click.

Change logs

Version 1.4 December 16, 2018

1. Add function - Enable / Disable button open

Version 1.3 November 15, 2018

1. Work out js files and folder in front to work correctly.
2. Bug Fixed - jQuery Duplicate File Conflict

Version 1.2 8 November 2018

1. Update your js files and folder to work correctly.

Version 1.1 October 26, 2018

1. Bug Fixed - jQuery Duplicate Conflict

Version 1.0 13 September 2018

1. Initial Exemption


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