Aug 13, 2018
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Advanced cash on delivery and cash on pickup with fee / surcharge

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Important plugin! This plugin allows you to add "Cash on Delivery" payment method with the option of using an additional fee.

This plugin will increase your sales! You can outweigh the additional cost of this shipping method by charging a fee to the customer. Cash on delivery payment method allows your customers to pay for the order at the time of receipt of their order they pay on shipment.

Cash on delivery payment method is one customer favoritesince they do not have to make one Payment until they receive their shipment, which gives them security and confidence.

You can define multiple fee configurations based on several conditions

You can also use this plugin to add one Cash on pickup payment method!


This plugin allows:

  • Configure multiple commissions. You can configure more than one rule to calculate the fee depending on shipping method, shipping country, shipping zone, product category and product (s). The rule that meets all the conditions, or if there is more than one, will be used that has higher priority.
  • Use of a fixed fee. Charge your customers the same fee regardless of the size of the order.
  • Apply a fee based on the percentage of the total order. Charge a fee depending on the size of the order.
  • Apply a fee based on amount fixed over a percentage. Charge a fixed rate plus a fee depending on the size of the order.
  • Enter a minimum and maximum order amount to show this payment method. Orders with more or less than the configured amount will not be able to make payments with this method.
  • Establishment of a purchase amount where the fee is not applicable. If the order exceeds the configured amount, no fee will be charged.
  • Select which shippers / shipping methods will be shown with this form of payment. Configure which shipping methods will be shown with the payment method.
  • Select which country (s), zone (s) category (s) or product (s) where this payment method is enabled.
  • Configure the status of the order when you select this payment method.
  • Adaptive and responsive design (RWD), valid for all resolutions on your computer and mobile device.
  • Multi-Site. You can make another configuration for each site.
  • Compatible with all web browsers.
  • All texts in the module are translatable.

✔ WooCommerce frontdemo here

✔ Admin demo here

✔ We can customize the module or make the necessary changes. Contact us for an offer.

✔ Do you have any questions or concerns? Send us a message! We would like to answer any questions.

[email protected]


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